Keeping healthy habits can be difficult when we are restricted to staying at home. Resident HQG nutrition and lifestyle coach, Brian Siedenburg, gave us a few tips on how to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit during the stay at home order!

1. Set a daily schedule 

For your own sanity and productivity, Brian suggests building a daily structure for yourself and abiding by it. For example, set alarms on your phone for specific times you want to eat, journal, work, and other daily activities. Don’t forget to give yourself time to take breaks from work and go for a walk or workout. Consistent movement, even if it’s quick breaks, throughout the day is very important for mental and physical health. Structure breeds momentum to discipline which breeds productivity.

2. Stock up the fresh food

It can be tempting to fill the pantry with non-perishables, but Brian encourages everyone to keep the unhealthy food to a minimum. It can be tempting to stock up on non-perishable items, but fresh meat will stay good in the freezer for up to 4 months (USDA). Fresh vegetables are still plentiful in the grocery stores as well. Fresh veggies can be a quick snack or add flavor and vitamins to a delicious meal. 

3. Learn a new skill: meal prepping!

Now that everyone is staying at home, meal prepping can be a valuable, easy tool to help people eat healthy meals. Preparing a couple meals in advance helps people save time and energy on cooking the rest of the week. Setting the habit now makes it easier to avoid eating unhealthy meals when fresh, healthy meals are readily available. Brian wrote two recipe books with a variety of healthy meal options if you need inspiration to get started!

If you need any additional guidance with health and wellness during these times, Brian now offers his services online! He offers a variety of home workout plans, strategies to mitigate stress and anxiety and additional health and wellness programs. Find more information at