IMG_3827Let’s talk espresso. You know as well as I, that most of us share the guilty pleasure of having a nice espresso drink (or 2) from time to time, my personal favorite vanilla-caramel latte with soy milk (yes, i’m that girl), but does anyone really know how to make one? I mean really, baristas make it look so simple, but when they’re attempting to teach it, it seems to go in one ear and out the other, respectfully, of course. Well, welcome to HQ, where your lack of espresso knowledge problem can be easily solved. We luckily have an in-house barista that can show you all things there are to know about this seemingly tedious process, in just 30 minutes! Santiago, our amazing intern and skillful barista offers top notch espresso training every Thursday from 10-1030am. I know I mentioned sometimes learning from baristas can be a load of information that fails to get retained, but Santiago knows just how to keep you intrigued. So, not only do you get to take a 30 minute caffeine break from all your hard-work, but also have to opportunity to gain a new skill that literally, no one else has.

This post was written and published by Trinity Draughn