Finding the necessary funding for your start-up shouldn’t be hard at all. In a matter a fact, its one of the less harder things that you will worry about in your business journey. Today I am going to give you three ways on how you can find funding for your company. Lets begin shall we!


  1. Business colleges/bank loans

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If you call or go to your nearest business college and tell them about your business situation, they may be able to guide you to some of their resources. You may even be able to get a loan from the bank but that is the last resort if you can spare it.

  1. Create a list of investors you want to meet with

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Creating a list will not only ensure you narrow your search down but you will have an idea about who you want to meet with. Fellow entrepreneurs are a great resource for helping you point out potentially interested investors not yet on your list, as well as helping you identify the investors known for being difficult to work with or who aren’t actively investing. A good list would contain at least 40-50 names of those you want to invest in your business.


  1. Look through your list

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Once you have your list, now comes the reaching out part. Go down your list and see if you have any mutual connections and if so, that great but if not, don’t worry. According to, “But before you ask your contacts for an introduction, get together with them first so you can show them how awesome your company is. Ideally, your common connection should feel like he or she is doing a favor for both you and the investor by making the intro.” Make sure you meet with them so that everything can be right.


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Well there you have it. Here are three ways on how you can find funding for your startup. There are plenty more ways beyond this list. Do you know of some helpful ways? If so, what are they? Feel free to respond below! Have a great day my fellow entrepreneurs, until next time!