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HQ Greensboro: Featured Member of the Month, Kerri Mubaarak

HQ Greensboro is proud to feature its first member of the month, Kerri Mubaarak. Kerri Mubaarak is currently involved in two ventures; Scrapmettle Entertainment Group and Wooing Nature.

Scrapmettle’s official inception was three years ago, but the inspiration, drive and need for Scrapmettle has been a long time in the making. Mubaarak previously worked at a nonprofit in Greensboro geared towards providing education assistance to children living in public housing communities. There, she was reviewing the resumes of her staff at the time and realized three of them were trained, professional actors – plenty of underutilized talent at her organization’s disposal. Together, they began creating plays and coaching kids in acting in order to integrate learning, fun, creativity, and cultural awareness. From there, she became and remained engaged in the performing arts.

Three years ago, Scrapmettle became its own entity. Mubaarak, along with Angela Williams Tripp and Linwood Morris, collaborate with each other performing and technical artists to create original performances, develop local actors’ talent and character, and raise awareness of cultural issues and social dynamics.

Currently, they’re working and collaborating on three projects, two of which are focused on current events and surrounding conversations. The first is a performance centered around the dynamics of HB2. Scrapmettle’s aim is to illuminate the experiences, perspectives and legislations affecting members of the local LGBQT community. The second is a collaborative theatrical project with local directors, actors, producers and writers based on the Black Lives Matter movement. The intent is to dispel cultural ignorance and fear and examine the movement, what it represents and evokes within the African American culture and the culture of nation as a whole.

A performance that Scrapmettle would like to invite members of the community to is called “Topdog Underdog”. “Topdog Underdog” is not an original Scrapmettle creation, but because of the company’s interest in offering underproduced, engaging performance opportunities for local actors and audiences, they will present this Pulitzer Prize winning play to the community in November.

Mubaarak’s other venture, “Wooing Nature,” provides lifestyle enhancement services through private consultations, personalized coursework and weekend sabbaticals (retreats). Using nature as the catalyst, Mubaarak pinpoints challenges, repetitive cycles and overarching themes that affect her clients’ lifestyles and assists them in determining and achieving their personal and professional goals.  Wooing Nature’s methods are vetted in centuries-old indigenous teachings and healing practices that have a transformational effect on the mind, body and spirit.  Wooing Nature partners with other life enhancing companies with a commitment to providing wellness alternatives.

For more information on events put on by both Scrapmettle and Wooing Nature, please see below. Feel free to contact Kerri at or if you would like to set up a meeting, or are interested in contributing to or being a part of her projects.

Topdog Underdog:


Caldcleugh Arts Center

1700 Orchard St.

Greensboro, NC



November 18th, 7:00pm

November 19th, 3:30pm and 7:00pm


Wooing Nature Events at HQ Greensboro:


First Friday Yoga Parties

Description: Yoga with world, house, hip-hop and neo-soul music.  

1st Fridays from 6-8 pm

Aug 5

Sep 2

Oct 7

Nov 4


Scrapmettle Events at HQ Greensboro:


Troubleshooting for Actors

Description:  Actors bring in material/scripts they are working on for Scrapmettle consultants to critique and troubleshoot.

Thursdays; 6-8 pm

Sep 8-22

Oct 6-20

Nov 3-17


Written by Morgan Herman