Last Wednesday HQ Greensboro, a new entrepreneurial organization, welcomed numerous guests to its grand opening event.

This collaboration with HQ Raleigh has been designed with the intent of providing beginning and existing entrepreneurs with a flexible, affordable and high-tech work environment. The organization will officially open on Sept. 1.

HQ Greensboro plans on facilitating a trusted working environment and supplying access to numerous resources. The new organization will provide amenities such as high-definition video conferencing and high-speed wireless fiber optic internet, with spaces available at an affordable cost. It will also include an 80-inch touchscreen computer.

The goal is to take some of the load and cost off of starting a business.

This modern space was built from the ground up and was constructed in a space owned and operated by Andy Zimmerman, a local entrepreneur who showed great enthusiasm at the event. He thanked many, including Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman, a member of Greensboro’s City Council.

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