HQ Greensboro is structured around six core values that help maintain a galvanized entrepreneurial environment, which helps support the growth of the businesses within HQ. With our help, the joining businesses can help out the community in a vast number of ways, in hopes of making Greensboro a better place.

The six core values that we are built around are:

  1. Be Authentic: Help us build a fun place to work where we can share our talents and interests.
  2. Empower Others: We value collaboration and cooperation. This is a respectful place where it is safe to share ideas, inspirations, and creativity.
  3. Drive Forward with Purpose: We want to fill our community with people who have a strategic vision and the courage and determination to accomplish that vision.
  4. Think Big! We value everyone’s hopes, dreams and visions for the future! All are invited to join and build on the conversation.
  5. Leave the World Better than you Found it: Through individual action and our business models we strive to care for the people, economy and planet.
  6. Embrace Diversity

HQ Greensboro’s memberships are solely for the operation, maintenance and management of the businesses’ facilitation and activities. All new members must go through orientation that will further detail HQG’s rules and regulations along with completing a membership agreement. Also included in HQ Greensboro’s orientation and overall mission are efforts that help us strive towards becoming a certified B Corporation by the following steps: reduce our overall impact on the environment, recycle, and reuse as much as possible. “We offer cloth napkins so you can avoid wasteful paper towels and make use of our amazing skylight to utilize passive solar lighting for 8 months out of the year,” stated Angel Kwiatkowski from Coworking: An Easy Way to Green Your Business. Together as a hardworking community we believe we can truly make a difference and each new member can help contribute to that effort.

Our common space is the café, which is our main workspace. The reason for having this café is so that people from all companies working at HQG can come together, interact, or simply work on their business materials on their own time. “Sustainability in a coworking community is about supporting, nourishing, about “buoying up” our fellow coworkers,” said Julia Ferguson from the article Work for Yourself, Not by Yourself. We are a flexible workspace that provides a homey environment that has a bar with drinks such as water, coffee, and beer for our members to enjoy. Members of the HQ community know that although we offer such refreshments on a regular basis, they are intended to be used with care and the proper precaution at all times.

In his article Better Communities, Better Business, and Better Coworking, Alex Hillman states that “members of a coworking space should be able to make it what they want it to be, within bounds of reason.” The core values of the HQ community allow members and businesses to use and create a workspace that works for and benefits their company. While everyone has access to HQ’s amenities – great Internet, free coffee, conference rooms, a supportive community of talented and innovative people – the community and growth occurs because of the members’ efforts to interact and work with each other. By reflecting HQ’s core values in their work, meetings and social gatherings, everyone is part of the effort to create a vibrant and successful community.

Along with the main common area, there are a total of five conference rooms at HQ, including a large classroom in the back of the café that can be divided into two separate rooms. HQG members can reserve one of these rooms through a program the company uses called Nexudus, or rooms can also be booked through an HQ staff member at the reception desk. Each room has its own style of creativity but serves the same purpose in learning, which is motivation to network and to brainstorm within each other’s understanding.

Since HQG tries to foster a friendly environment, we are as considerate as possible of working members at all times. To help maintain a good working space, we have quiet music playing in the background of the café throughout the day to help create an energized environment while making the space as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Working time is precious time, and we try to maintain an atmosphere conducive to work. To help maintain this, HQ provides four phone booths on the first floor for members to use for long phone calls or videoconference meetings throughout the day.

Given these statements guests are welcome at our company when coming for business meetings and events. Several of these events are community-based and others will be closed depending on the host. Photos and videos may be taken at the events if it is in the main area and members will be given fair notice if it is during business hours. Our community at HQG is very open and welcoming. We hope to share our values with the rest of the Greensboro community.