Meet local entrepreneur and HQG member, David Horne!

David started his company, Honestly Co, in 2014. Honestly Co provides creative services and product developments for brands. David said, “Honestly Co. was an evolution of other agencies and product developments I had. We use what I affectionately call the Avengers model. We assemble other agencies, designers, developers, marketers, writers, etc. for clients.”

Honestly Co has helped local companies in our area as well a develop their own product. “As far as recent projects, we helped a local company launch a new line of products in the kitchen and bath space that reinvented how they communicated their brand. Now, their sales are up twenty percent this year. We are also building our own product, a SaaS product called Crew Pay that is a contractor payment application.”

Even when he was young, David always knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. “I was that kid that always had a lemonade stand. I think it was in the DNA, even though professional golf was my career after college.”

He realized, however, that being an entrepreneur comes with a new set of difficulties. “The hardest part I think with a lot of entrepreneurs is there are no shortage of ideas, it is just a matter of prioritization. It is like the saying, ‘You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want.”

David has been a member of HQ Greensboro since 2015 and believes the Triad is a great place to grow Honestly Co. “It has a great blend of the excitement that comes up with start-ups, but with a grounded sense of the family aspect. Being a part of the entrepreneurship community for a while, every year it seems to be richer.”

HQ has had an impact on Honestly Co as well. “HQ attracts a certain type of person that is in business with varied skill sets, so because we are in a community place, we build relationships and that is how I’ve built that network over the years as we work with a person on a project and continue working with them.”

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