Jayme White joined HQ Greensboro in July 2018, looking for a work environment as inspiring as her new product marketing position within the startup MemberHub.com. As a remote employee, Jayme needed a space to communicate with the Raleigh-based team.

Jayme returns to the startup world after a four-and-a-half-year stint in a large corporation, which acquired the first startup where she worked. “It was a crazy transition, from working with a twenty-five person team to a company with like 80,000 people. I went from having a very direct impact in my day to day to having less so.” While she enjoyed her corporate job, she missed the pace and responsibility associated with a small team.

“Whenever I find myself bored, uninspired, or dreading Monday, it’s time to start rethinking what I’m doing.” 

Jayme found inspiration in MemberHub.com, a software as a service (SaaS) company designed to work with Parent Teacher Associations. “Parents with kids in school  come home to stacks of paper and multiple account logins to manage their children’s school life — permission slips, conference signups, flyers about the book fair, this fundraiser going on this month, this other fundraiser going on next month. Our platform takes all the paper and different online signups and puts it all under one account.”

As part of a small team, Jayme’s work expands well past product marketing. “I’m sort of all over the place, which is how I like it. It’s fun! When you’re involved in all parts of the business, you learn a lot.”

As a mom herself, Jayme understands the struggle to stay on top of school papers all too well. “It can be overwhelming to figure out what’s important and what you need to do. The PTA staff are all volunteers. It feels good to provide value to them and make their life easier. Now [the PTA] can put away the administrative tasks and focus on what they’re here for, connecting with their kids and building school community.”

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