Meet our Members: Jordan Lacenski

Jordan Lacenski is the owner of BrandBoss Creative and co-founder of SheWolf Collaborative. She has a long background in marketing, and through BrandBoss and SheWolf, she helps other companies and entrepreneurs develop a plan for their own brand identity and marketing.

Before she owned her own company, Jordan had experience in working for non-profit organizations. “I am drawn to purpose-driven projects, whether it’s a social movement or a product that gives back. Watching everything come to fruition and seeing the impact of what you are doing is appealing and rewarding.”

Jordan knows that being an entrepreneur comes with its own set of difficulties. “It is insanely hard to switch gears, and I’ve tried to allow the two (BrandBoss and SheWolf) to work together. Being the owner of both and the wrangler of all the cats (or in our case, shewolves) is the most challenging part. Having a business at all is hard, you are everyone. You are marketing, sales, HR, etc. and so for having to do that for both is hard.”

Through her years of experience, Jordan has learned some important lessons along the way. “My advice for entrepreneurs is to really hash out your plan and your proof of concept and define how you are going to make money AND pay yourself before you dive in. Secondly, your advisory board is so important, so create one and surround yourself with a dream team. You need to have an accountant, lawyer, a network of people that will tell you the truth, and people that you can share ideas with and support you.”

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