Matt Hannam realized his computer science skills might have gotten a little rusty since he graduated from college. He decided to leave his corporate job to refocus on software development and coding. “I quit my job, moved into HQ Greensboro, plopped myself down and started writing software.” Matt picked a good seat in the CoWorking space, right next to Brendan Younger.  The pair worked separately for months while Matt did freelance work for clients. One of those clients as Jeff Cameron, another HQ Greensboro member.

Eventually, the trio came together to revamp Cameron’s company, Logistimatics.

Matt Hannam between Jeff Cameron (left) and Brendan Younger (right)

“The genesis of the company was started [at HQ Greensboro]

The GPS tracking hardware and service company works with both consumers and businesses. “The B2C side is typically the parent who is trying to track their kid as they get on and off the school bus to make sure they’re okay.” This side of the company is a traditional ecommerce transaction. The B2B corporate aspect primarily deals with shipping. “People have inventory all over the world within supply chains. They’re trying to make sure their product is where it should be.”

The market for a consumable GPS tracker is expanding rapidly. “It’s 2018, there’s a growing expectation that people should be able to know where the things and people they care about are.”

Matt credits HQ’s communal atmosphere to the company’s formation. “When I was freelancing, I was always looking for this. For a collaborative place where I can share what I know and learn from others who are doing the same thing.”

“It’s been really helpful to partner with people who have skills I don’t. Both Brendan and Jeff bring a lot to the table, they are super talented. I have my own stuff I’m good at and a lot of areas I fall short. You have to figure out how to collaborate, very few people can do the whole thing.”

Teaming up brought Logistimatics a surge of customers. “We currently have close to 5,000 accounts. In September of last year, we were at zero.”

In a collaborative environment like HQ Greensboro and innovative upcoming projects, it’s no surprise Logistimatics is feeling good.

“I’m sunny on the future.”

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