Although he was born in Knoxville, Brendan considers himself a Greensboro native. “Like a lot of people in Greensboro, I was born in Knoxville but grew up in Greensboro so it’s home to me. I moved here when I was 5 and went to Jamestown Middle then Ragsdale. ” 

After venturing to Seton Hall to study political science, Brendan discovered that politics was not his true passion. “I wanted to pursue politics in high school, but after seeing the political scene I knew it wasn’t for me.”

Brendan transitioned into marketing when he worked at an international non-profit organization in New York.

“Doing that made me realize how important communication and marketing is, specifically brand trust and loyalty. I enjoyed talking to the people and helping them find their business’ identity.” 

He moved back to North Carolina to continue to learn more about marketing through working as the marketing director for a funeral corporation. “ Through that job I learned how to build brand identity and loyalty between businesses and consumers.”

After leaving the funeral business, Brendan started his own one man show to help entrepreneurs build their own brand identity. “The people I want to help most are ‘solopreneurs.’ This is the moment where if we define exactly who you are now, you’re set to save yourself a lot of headache in the long run. It is a super cool opportunity to help these new businesses have a more cohesive message.” 

“Working at home lone wasn’t working out for me, HQ is a place where I can get everything done and be with fellow entrepreneurs.”

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