Meet HQG member, Dani Forrest! Dani has been a member at HQ Greensboro for 2 years with her company, Dani Inc.

“My core business is strategy and project management. I help clients get organized and free up their time as well as create a foundation for their business. I help them figure out what message they want to communicate and who they want to communicate to. I would say the core of my business is marketing strategy, planning, and switching on projects with team members.”

Dani always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. “My dad was an entrepreneur, so as soon as I graduated, I knew I wanted to have a business of my own. It is so much fun to have freedom and flexibility.”

For budding entrepreneurs, Dani suggests, “Reach out sooner and often. Have that group of people who you can connect with and ask them what they are doing for their business.”

After being a member at HQ for two years, Dani recognizes the value in being a part of a coworking space. “I’ve made friends here, developed business partners, and I enjoy the sense of community.”

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