Meet NorthState Tech Lab participant and HQG member, FaLon Thomas!

FaLon first came to HQ when she participated in the NorthState Tech Lab program. “I like the NorthState Tech Lab program because of the support system and having people to bounce off of.”

FaLon’s company, Onyx Ocean Technologies, is a software and website development company that builds mobile apps for universities and small businesses.

After the NorthState Tech Lab, FaLon joined HQ as a coworking member. “I come [to HQ] for the atmosphere and community. Everyone is welcoming to my clients and the environment is great for getting work done.”

Her recent project, Millionaires Before 30, focuses on building a resource for young entrepreneurs like herself. “Millionaires Before 30 is an online platform for entrepreneurs, change makers and tech enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge and experiences in other companies.”

For new entrepreneurs, FaLon encourages them to “build a pipeline: be an expert at what you do but also get people to help you. Running a business isn’t just your skill, always be open to learn more.”

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