Meet HQG member, Josh Schramm

Josh joined HQ Greensboro earlier this year after living in Seattle, Washington. 

“Everyone I have met in Greensboro is so friendly, which is a big change from where I was before. I also love the South Elm area of town and the entrepreneurial spirit in the air down there.” 

Josh is an independent designer that focuses on graphics, UI, web and illustration. “I always loved to draw growing up, though I hated coloring. When I was a senior in high school I had already finished all my required classes, so I decided why not try this Communications Design class a friend of mine was taking. Turns out it was a graphic design and advertising class and I ended up being very good at it right off the bat. I ended up taking only that class, two times a day, for the next semester and producing a bunch of projects for the school district.” 

Ever since then, Josh has never looked back. During COVID19, Josh is still offering similar design services. “I am still offering the same services since I was already working remotely anyway – design for print or digital, illustration, UI/UX work, some motion graphics, and some web development.” 

Even though we would all are ready to be back at our coworking space, Josh has some times for working at home during the stay at home order. 

“Get cleaned up and dressed in the morning so you don’t feel like you are just on vacation of it is the weekend. It helps put you in a frame of mind that you are going to accomplish something today.” 

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