Meet HQG member, Lyndon Rego! 

Lyndon is a recent resident of Greensboro. Before moving to Greensboro this year, he spent the last 2 years working with the African Leadership University on a small island in the Indian Ocean. 

“The goal was to start an initiative for entrepreneurial leadership. It address the lack of entrepreneurial education in their local colleges and universities.” 

Now that he is back in the states, Lyndon is focusing on starting his new initiative, CoMetta. CoMetta is an effort to build community in our cities by bringing people together through conversation. It will consist of events with short talks and dedicated time for attendees to share their stories as well. 

“When I was in Africa, I found traditional societies can foster community that we don’t necessarily have in our modern and bigger cities. I find that we live more or less in a city of strangers. I wanted to figure out our lack of connecting and understanding then find a solution that can be applied not just to Greensboro, but cities across our country as well.” 

Lyndon believes that Greensboro is the perfect place to launch CoMetta. 

“Greensboro’s history is so diverse. From the civil rights movement, settlement for refugees and immigrants, numerous colleges and universities, it’s a place striving to remake itself for the future. There’s a lot of interesting dynamics and I think that Greensboro is a good fit to build and establish this model.” 

HQ has played a special role in the start of Lyndon’s new company.

“I love this area of Greensboro. The vibe of the various stores around HQ brings a different kind of energy. HQ is very attractive with the kind of people that are looking to connect across town. It has the most energy related to ideas that I am working towards in creating my company. It’s a good place to launch CoMetta.” 

CoMetta’s inaugural event, Stories of Us: Traveling Light, will take place at HQ on November 5. You can find more information about the event here

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