Meet new HQG member, Mae Novak! 

Mae is the founder of Yay!Brand, a lifestyle company that focuses on providing beautiful products for people with personal affirmations. Their goal is to gear towards keeping people aligned with their goals and remembering the truth of who they are.

Mae just launched her company last year, but the dream of Yay!Brand started when she was in college.

“I was in grad school and it came to me one day that I wanted to have coffee mugs. I want to see people start off their day focused and centered. I had the idea, but it took me 2-3 years before I even thought about telling anyone. I finally told people the I trusted and they were so encouraged and it gave me confidence. It was bothering me so much so I felt like I had to make a decision and just do it or move on to something else.”

Through her background in social work, Mae discovered her true passion of helping people. 

“I have the ability to hone into peoples hearts, I just love people. In social work, I noticed that people knew they had to do certain things, such as lose weight or eat better, but just didn’t take the doctor’s advice because they didn’t feel worthy. After observing how feeling unworthy can keep you from achieving or even having goals and dreams, I wanted to create a lifestyle company that was geared towards telling people “I am enough, I am love, I have everything I need.” 

Mae joined us not too long ago, but she already loves the coworking community.

“I wanted to work in a coworking space because of the “co” part. There’s people, music, I really like the energy. I like being downtown and being able to walk over to sender and get delicious food.” 

For budding entrepreneurs, Mae has some parting advice. 

“What I’ve learned is that people love watching people be their true selves because most people are too afraid to be who they actually really are. If you can be who you really are, you will be wildly successful. People pay attention to people who are brave enough to be who they really are.”

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