Meet HQG member, Michael Asbury! Michael is a business consultant and founder of Elevate Coaching & Consulting.

After working as a quality and improvement manager, Michael decided that it was finally time to venture out and start his own company. Originally from Illinois, Michael found himself starting Elevate Coaching & Consulting in North Carolina. 

“I was traveling to facilities around the country and I loved North Carolina. I was looking for a job in [Greensboro] to leave the midwest and try something new. I’ve been in Greensboro for 2 years now and full time in consulting for the past 1 1/2 years.” 

Transitioning from working at a large company to starting his own company had its own ups and downs for Michael. 

“When I was working with a company, I mainly worked internally and constantly had work to do. When I went out on my own, no one knew I existed. Sine I didn’t have a backlog of work at all times, I was able to take the time to establish my brand. I created my own website, logo, marketing, purchasing, accounting… I had to learn how to do it all by myself. I love having the freedom and flexibility to do it all.”  

Michael found that HQ Greensboro was the perfect resource for him while growing his own business. 

“I travel across the state most of the week so I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on an office I would only use 2 days a week. The flexibility is key. I also wanted the opportunity to network with other likeminded entrepreneurs.” 

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