Meet HQG member, Molly Liska!

After working in child development for many years, Molly (pictured in the middle) made the switch to work in a nonprofit, Sara’s Cure, as the Chief Operating Officer last spring.

“I had never worked in a nonprofit, but my husband had always said that I needed to do it because it’s in me and it’s in my soul. I always though to myself, “How would I do that?” It turns out that what it takes is for a loved one to get an incurable cancer and you find yourself running a nonprofit.”

Molly’s godchild, Sara, was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma, an ultra rare disease, in 2016. Sara had surgery to remove the tumor, but when it returned a year later, Molly knew they needed to take action.

“The cancer is so rare that no money that is donated to sarcoma will ever make its way to clear cell sarcoma. The only way to get money to research was to earn the money and direct it ourselves. We didn’t want to just do a walk. We wanted something that lasted longer so we created a nonprofit.”

Molly and Sara’s mom, Lennie, started Sara’s Cure (nonprofit 501 (c)3) to raise awareness and patient advocacy. In one year, Sara’s Cure has raised over $100k through events and various fundraising efforts.

“I get these ‘aha moments’ where I step back and think ‘oh my gosh what have we done?’ $100k to research in a years time. Before we started we only had Sara as our patient. Now we have a community of over 40 that consists of patients or loved ones from New York, Indianapolis, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We now have a scientist that works in a lab in Oregon that is dedicated to researching this disease. We keep pushing and we’re not going to stop.”

Check out their next event, Sara’s Cure 5k – Race for Research, coming up in Charleston this fall!

Molly says that joining HQ has increased her productivity.

“I started working from home but it was difficult to work from there and truly focus on getting my job done. When I first came in for a tour, I felt welcomed and the right focused atmosphere made me feel like this would really work well for me. Since joining HQ last month, I have been so much more productive than 6 months of trying to work at home. I attribute not just to environment, but the mentality change of space. Additional things offered you just can’t beat. Everyone says hi, activities are offered, and coffee is a plus.”

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