Meet HQG member, Will Pharr!

Born and raised in Greensboro, Will is a true native to the city. After spending 4 years away from the city to attend Wofford College and work in sales in Colombia, Will returned to Greensboro to find his next venture. “I have traveled a lot throughout my different careers, but I have always loved Greensboro. It’s nice to feel comfortable in a city where the future of society is going to be people who are accepting.”

In March, Will attended HQ’s quarterly Free Coworking Day and realized the coworking space was the perfect place for him to be while he transitioned to a new endeavor. “After meeting the HQ staff and members, I learned that there are people out there doing something with their creativity. I learned that creativity doesn’t have to be suppressed in order to do your job. I am able to explore my creativity and find things that I have always been interested in but never done.”

Soon after, Will connected with fellow HQ member and local engineer, Mac Allison, and HQ founder, Ken Causey, to create a local ISP business model. Their business, Piedmont Fiber, seeks to provide affordable internet options for smaller communities that currently do not have access to reliable internet. “Problem solving and networking allowed me to use what HQ has to help me find my next opportunity. With my sales background and their complex understanding of ISP, we found alignment in our passion to serve the community and create a better Greensboro. I’m working as hard as I can to help a networking engineer and community driven entrepreneur to achieve their dream of fixing the networking problem in Greensboro.”

Since returning to Greensboro, Will is excited about the future of Greensboro. “I’ve been looking for an opportunity to give back to this community and empower the future of Greensboro, we have potential for exciting growth.”

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