HQ Greensboro is happy to announce some new sponsors for 2017! Our partnerships with other organizations and companies in Greensboro are essential in building a strong network of support for entrepreneurs, startups, and growing businesses in our area, and we greatly appreciate all that our sponsors do for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’ll update you as we plan events, networking sessions, workshops, and more with our 2017 sponsors!

Tuggle Duggins, Attorneys at Law became a Start-Up Sponsor of HQ Greensboro in November of 2016. Tuggle Duggins began due to the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders, Dick Tuggle and Jim Duggins, making them a natural partner for HQ Greensboro and our members! Tuggle Duggins focuses on creating lasting client relationships built on trust, integrity, and reliability, and serve their clients by providing innovative solutions to business owners.
We’re planning a happy hour in January with Tuggle Duggins as guest bartenders to introduce them to the HQ Community! Stay tuned for more details!

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce became a Start-Up Sponsor of HQ Greensboro in November of 2016. The Chamber of Commerce in Greensboro has a long history, established in 1877 and on of the first of its kind in North Carolina at the time. The Chamber serves a variety of purposes, and the work of the Chamber creates a better community for both residents and businesses. The Chamber partners with Economic Development, Entrepreneur Connection, and Action Greensboro to support the cultivation and development of local businesses, as well as contribute to the vibrancy and quality of life of Greensboro.
HQ Greensboro is also a proud member of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.

Womble Carlyle renewed their sponsorship of HQ Greensboro for 2017, joining Tuggle Duggins and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce as a Start-Up Sponsor. Womble Carlyle has been serving clients for more than 130 years, having been established in 1876 in nearby Winston-Salem. Womble Carlyle’s success and professionalism can be seen in their reach, currently housing 550 lawyers in 15 different offices across the country, and in their contribution to the areas they serve through community service. Womble Carlyle serves a range of interests on regional, national, and international scale, including financial services, intellectual property/patent, healthcare, and much more.

North State renewed their sponsorship of HQ Greensboro for 2017 as an Innovation Sponsor. North State is HQ Greensboro’s gigabit fiber internet provider, without which we couldn’t get anything done! Another company with local roots, North State was established in High Point in 1895, then known as High Point Telephone Exchange. In 1899, JF Hayden bought the company and began expanding, allowing him to incorporate in 1905 and officially changing the name to North State. Today, North State is still headquartered in High Point as one of the US’s 15 largest integrated communications companies, serving a broad area of the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina using a robust network comprising more than 68,000 miles of high-capacity fiber optic facilities.