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HQ Greensboro News Feed

Member Spotlight: Josh Schramm

Meet HQG member, Josh Schramm!  Josh joined HQ Greensboro earlier this year after living in Seattle, Washington.  “Everyone I have met in Greensboro is so friendly, which is a big change from where I was before. I also love the South Elm area of town and the...

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Member Spotlight: Logan Harris

Meet HQG member, Logan Harris! Logan grew up in Boston and spent the last few years in Oakland, California. She recently moved to Greensboro with her partner. In her free time, she is a big fan of supporting women’s soccer! Logan is passionate about working in public...

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Member Spotlight: Lyndon Rego

Meet HQG member, Lyndon Rego!  Lyndon is a recent resident of Greensboro. Before moving to Greensboro this year, he spent the last 2 years working with the African Leadership University on a small island in the Indian Ocean.  “The goal was to start an...

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