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Member Spotlight: Will Pharr

Meet HQG member, Will Pharr! Born and raised in Greensboro, Will is a true native to the city. After spending 4 years away from the city to attend Wofford College and work in sales in Colombia, Will returned to Greensboro to find his next venture. "I have traveled a...

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Member Spotlight: Mae Novak

Meet new HQG member, Mae Novak!  Mae is the founder of Yay!Brand, a lifestyle company that focuses on providing beautiful products for people with personal affirmations. Their goal is to gear towards keeping people aligned with their goals and remembering the...

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Member Spotlight: Kathy Bratcher

Meet HQG member, Kathy Bratcher!  Kathy is the founder and CEO of Logik Savvy Solutions, a technology solutions firm headquartered in Greensboro, NC. They are a diverse and inclusive technology solutions and IT professional services firm. “We identify needs of...

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Member Spotlight: FaLon Thomas

Meet NorthState Tech Lab participant and HQG member, FaLon Thomas! FaLon first came to HQ when she participated in the NorthState Tech Lab program. “I like the NorthState Tech Lab program because of the support system and having people to bounce off of.” FaLon's...

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Member Spotlight: Dani Forrest

Meet HQG member, Dani Forrest! Dani has been a member at HQ Greensboro for 2 years with her company, Dani Inc. “My core business is strategy and project management. I help clients get organized and free up their time as well as create a foundation for their business....

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Meet Our Members: Matt Hannam

Matt Hannam realized his computer science skills might have gotten a little rusty since he graduated from college. He decided to leave his corporate job to refocus on software development and coding. “I quit my job, moved into HQ Greensboro, plopped myself down and...

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Meet our Members: David Horne

Meet local entrepreneur and HQG member, David Horne! David started his company, Honestly Co, in 2014. Honestly Co provides creative services and product developments for brands. David said, “Honestly Co. was an evolution of other agencies and product developments I...

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Meet Our Members: Dante Bland

Advertising mogul and people person Dante Bland joined HQ Greensboro in the Spring of 2018. He moved to Greensboro from Tallahassee, Florida to be closer to family. He quickly realized Greensboro was a unique place. There was “a consistent basis of opportunities that...

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