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Member Spotlight: Michael Asbury

Meet HQG member, Michael Asbury! Michael is a business consultant and founder of Elevate Coaching & Consulting. After working as a quality and improvement manager, Michael decided that it was finally time to venture out and start his own company. Originally from...

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Member Spotlight: Logan Harris

Meet HQG member, Logan Harris! Logan grew up in Boston and spent the last few years in Oakland, California. She recently moved to Greensboro with her partner. In her free time, she is a big fan of supporting women’s soccer! Logan is passionate about working in public...

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Member Spotlight: Lyndon Rego

Meet HQG member, Lyndon Rego!  Lyndon is a recent resident of Greensboro. Before moving to Greensboro this year, he spent the last 2 years working with the African Leadership University on a small island in the Indian Ocean.  “The goal was to start an...

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Member Spotlight: Molly Liska

Meet HQG member, Molly Liska! After working in child development for many years, Molly (pictured in the middle) made the switch to work in a nonprofit, Sara’s Cure, as the Chief Operating Officer last spring. “I had never worked in a nonprofit, but my husband had...

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Member Spotlight: Brendan Whitaker

Although he was born in Knoxville, Brendan considers himself a Greensboro native. “Like a lot of people in Greensboro, I was born in Knoxville but grew up in Greensboro so it’s home to me. I moved here when I was 5 and went to Jamestown Middle then Ragsdale. ” ...

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Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Illig

After leaving her hometown of Greensboro to study at UNC-Chapel Hill and work in Raleigh, Elizabeth returned to receive a Masters degree in counseling at UNCG. Upon graduation, Elizabeth worked at High Point University as a career advisor.  “I loved working with...

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Member Spotlight: Will Pharr

Meet HQG member, Will Pharr! Born and raised in Greensboro, Will is a true native to the city. After spending 4 years away from the city to attend Wofford College and work in sales in Colombia, Will returned to Greensboro to find his next venture. "I have traveled a...

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Member Spotlight: Mae Novak

Meet new HQG member, Mae Novak!  Mae is the founder of Yay!Brand, a lifestyle company that focuses on providing beautiful products for people with personal affirmations. Their goal is to gear towards keeping people aligned with their goals and remembering the...

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