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Guts and Glory 101: How to Make A Business Plan

A business plan is essentially the blueprint of your business and if designed correctly, should be easy to execute and simple for others to understand. A business plan usually ranges 20 to 50 pages in length but contains the same sections. Today I am going to give you...

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5 Top Things to Do When You Start a Business

The sound of your owning your own business is like a dream- like who wouldn’t want to be the boss for once! For some, starting a business is easy but for others, it can be very difficult. Without the proper tools and resources, getting your product, service or even...

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Smart Gigabit Communities Reverse Pitch

New City Ventures and NC RIoT Partner with NC Next Generation Networks and North State for US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities Reverse Pitch Competition in North Carolina. Competition to be launched February 28th via simulcast “Reverse Pitch” events in Greensboro,...

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