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Dedicated space for your business to grow!

Semi-Private Cubes

Our semi-private cubicles include all of the amenities that coworking members enjoy, but with the added bonus of dedicated space just for your business! These cubes are key-locked for the safety of your belongings, are equipped with fabric walls that work for sound-deadening and as a pinboard, and come with two locking overhead cabinets with additional lighting for your desk. The cubes are work-ready with a large desk and comfortable chair, and each cube has dedicated wired gigabit internet access so you can enjoy truly fast and reliable internet. Cube members are allotted 15 hours of conference room time monthly.
These cubes can comfortably fit one person for $400/month or a team of two people for $500/month. Cube leases come in 6 and 12 month terms.

Shared & Private Offices

111 West Lewis has 15 large private offices, which can accommodate a range of team sizes from 4 people to 8 people. These private offices have an open and inviting feel with glass walls and good lighting. Additionally, offices are secured with keycode locks, come equipped with desks, chairs, and overhead locking storage cabinets. Office tenants can request that their business logos be displayed on the outer glass windows of their office.
Some of our larger offices are occupied by single businesses; other large offices are shared dedicated space for several individuals or businesses. Pricing for these offices will depend on the amount of space needed by your business. Office leases can be 6 or 12 months long. Office tenants are allotted 20 hours of conference room time monthly.

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