Carlie Smith is so new to HQ Greensboro she hasn’t even had a glass of Lonerider Beer yet! She moved to Greensboro in July, joining HQ only a week later. Carlie is employed with OpenWorks, a facility services company providing anything from cleaning and landscaping to pest control and handyman services.  Her company is looking to strengthen their presence in North Carolina. She moved from the DC area to begin building clientele in Greensboro. Carlie believes Greensboro is the perfect stepping stone to expand OpenWorks from Charlotte to Raleigh. While Greensboro is home for now, she’ll also be spending lots of time at HQ Raleigh.

Starting a satellite office can be overwhelming. “It’s a lot of research, groundwork, and LinkedIn stalking.” Similarly to LinkedIn, Carlie views HQ Greensboro as a hotspot for making connections.  “While not having an office can be a challenge, it’s also a wonderful way to build relationships. I view it like 6 Degrees of Separation, someone I meet here might be able to put me into contact with a facility manager I could then build a relationship with.”

Relationships are the foundation of OpenWorks, which Carlie accredits to their clear communication and rigorous expectations. “Our philosophy is very much so we inspect what we expect. Every month, we do walkthroughs of our facilities to ensure we are meeting the standards and quality that our customers expect. Cleaning is typically last on the do list. But at the same time, it’s what keeps employees healthy, happy, and safe. No one wants to work in a dirty facility.”

For advice to those in her shoes, Carlie is both a source and a student. How to start a satellite office and build relationships in a new city- “that’s what I’m asking everyone! Don’t get discouraged, keep on keeping on. There will be ups and downs, you’ll be working out of your house with piles of boxes surrounding you but it’ll all be fine! Do some deep breathing, maybe a little meditation, and it’ll all be okay.”

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