Self-proclaimed computer nerd Adam Spooner joined HQ Greensboro in June of 2018, shortly after accepting a job for Keybase.  The Manhattan based startup does end to end encryption for online chats and file storage. To explain end-to-end encryption, Spooner said, “Keybase has no idea what information is in your conversations or files as they pass through our servers because they’re locked, and only you and your friend have the key.”

Spooner’s love for technology began young. He built his first desktop computer when he was only eight years old. “It’s a lot easier these days, but I’m just a grumpy old man.” While neither grumpy nor old, Spooner’s knack for technology is evident.

“[My love for computers has] always been there. I went to school for music, premed, art, and all sorts of stuff. I finally took a few computer science classes and really liked it.”  Before working for Keybase, he worked at the online dating site OkCupid and later Slack.

Spooner utilizes HQ as a productive, and quiet, space. “There is no four-and-a-half-year-old in the background screaming. [Working at HQ] helps me focus.”

The distraction that drove Spooner to HQ also brought him back to Greensboro. Keybase’s offices are far flung, with employees rooted from Seattle to Poland. Although he can work from practically anywhere, family brought him back home to Greensboro.

“It’s nice being around family because it is free babysitting! And the relationships, but mainly the free babysitting.”

To unwind after an intensive day at HQ Greensboro, Spooner loves to make music and work on “things that aren’t computers” like the 1973 BMW he is currently restoring. He listens to Nine Inch Nails while he works and is more likely to grab a Lonerider beer than fire up HQ’s espresso machine.

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