Advertising mogul and people person Dante Bland joined HQ Greensboro in the Spring of 2018. He moved to Greensboro from Tallahassee, Florida to be closer to family. He quickly realized Greensboro was a unique place. There was “a consistent basis of opportunities that feed themselves into a support system built from knowledge that comes from other’s experiences.”

After doing a few oddball projects, Bland decided to utilize this support system and craft his own brand.

“When I was trying to please everyone else, I was miserable.”  Bland said. He realized he needed to free himself and “follow that journey” to create his company, Dante Bland, LLC.

“For me, entrepreneurship is about taking an un-pathed journey towards your business  goals. It’s the freedom of being able to determine how much I make, to be available for family, friends, a lifestyle. I grew up in a navy family, when the navy said my father needed to go for a few months, they got the say so. I want control, to be available for family and the people I care about. I want to be able to grow and contribute to this world the things I believe in. Not based off what someone else says.”

Bland  exercises this control in his social media advertising company, Dante Bland LLC. “It’s more than pressing a button and sending your Facebook ad out.” He takes a holistic approach to marketing, aiming to build a strong relationship with each client.

“The things that make my business unique is that I I focus on relationships from every stage of the business . You have to make sure you understand those things to really help anybody out.”

Through this philosophy, Bland believes he offers “more than someone checking items off a list. You’re getting someone really invested into you and your company.”

Bland says he finds the same relationships within the HQ community. “[HQ Greensboro has] been able to connect me with individuals who are further along in certain aspects of running a business. Just being around people who are doing something similar makes this journey of entrepreneurship feel less lonely.”

He also uses this community to take a breather from work task . “I will talk people’s ears off.  When I need a break I can just walk outside the office and find victims to talk to.”

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